The big four snakes of India 12

I just saw a documentary on National Geographic TV about the “Big four” snakes of India. So I went down to the good old YouTube and found all four of them in motion. The four most dangerous snakes in India are Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw-scaled viper and the most dangerous of them – the common krait. Enjoy!

Indian cobra, Naja naja

This is the most famous Indian snake. She likes rats and because a rat is very common in human houses the encounter is inevitable.

Russell’s viper, Daboia russelii

This snake is a nightmare for Indian farmers. She never bites only once and her venom kills in minutes.

Saw-scaled viper, Echis carinatus

During the day this snake is hidden in the sand. She’s a quick bitter. A fairly small animal (1 meter) has really big teeth (5 milimetres).

Common krait, Bungarus caeruleus

The last and the deadliest member of this list is a Common krait. Even people with anti venom have only 50 % survival chance. This snake is a cannibal, eating exclusively other snakes. Her bite is painless and it usually comes at night. Government is trying to lower krait’s death rate by advising people to sleep on beds and not on the ground. The Common krait comes searching for the human warmth. Many people in her area, especially children, quietly die in their sleep.

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12 thoughts on “The big four snakes of India

  • V.Bas

    There is only one thing I am scared of in my life,i.e.cobra.
    Is there any cobra repellent we can use in our house or garden?

  • Mukesh

    i know one of the bigest snakes in the world and that is near KORBA-CHHATISGARH-INDIA.
    If any one is ready to catch, can cotact me.

  • kshitij cholke

    we have noticed a indian cobra in the premices of our house. it casually romes in our garden. in beginning we considered as a mamba but it is a indian cobra. if

  • ssnake Post author

    Dr. Cyrus B. Toorkey tnx for your comment. This is really good community work. Nothing else works better than building awareness. Tnx again.

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