Steve Irwin tribute

Steve Irwin (February 22, 1962 – September 4, 2006), was a television star, environmentalist and a snake and crocodile specialist. His television series The Crocodile Hunter, filmed with his wife Terri Irwin, was a huge success. The news of his death stroked many of his fans, but actually… Since he’s been teasing the biggest and the most venomous reptiles for all of his life for many people his death did not come as a surprise.

Bellow are his videos about top ten deadliest snakes. There are no snake bites in this movies, at least not successful ones, but you sure don’t want to miss this anyway. Steve Irwin was a true pro in handling snakes. He treated the snake so gently and yet with so much respect.

Ten Most Deadliest Snakes by Steve Irwin part 1 of 3

Ten Most Deadliest Snakes part 2 of 3

Ten Most Deadliest Snakes part 3 of 3