Snake hooks and other snake handling equipment

How to use snake hook and other snake handling  equipment?

First familiarize yourself with how to use snake hook or snake tong. Practice with toy snakes or harmless snakes until you can use these tools with good control.

When picking up a snake with a hook or a tong, aim roughly for the middle of the body and lift. Be careful not to stab the snake with it. Try to be slow and gentle. A snake is less likely to slip off the hook if you can get it all the way off the ground in one smooth move. Don’t use too much force. Remember that pet snakes don’t weigh very much. Bigger snakes (over 4′) should not be lifted entirely off the ground for more than a few seconds. This makes them uncomfortable and more likely to struggle. You can usinghook to lift and partially drag them.

Constrictors such as rat snakes and king snakes are likely to cling to a hook. They may be harder to get off a hook than on. It is not venomous so you can use gloves to handle it.

Your goal is to minimize the amount of time and distance you need to carry a large snake on the hook. Some snakes will not stay on a hook for more than a few seconds. This may be all the time you have to decide where to put it down.

If your snake is bigger then 3 meters, get somebody to watch when you are feeding it or are cleaning the cage. Use one handler for every 3 meters of a snake length.

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