Snake’s habitat

No matter which type of snake a secure escape proof enclosure will be necessary. Snakes can be quite persistent in trying to get out of an enclosure, so make sure it closes securely with no gaps, or prepare to become an expert at tracking snakes in your house. A snake house that stays warm and humid and provides the snake his privacy without allowing him to escape is optimal.

Basic tips:

  • Choose a terrarium that gives the snake enough room to stretch out and move around and has both vertical and horizontal spaces, such as shelves and ledges.
  • Avoid a wire-lined terrarium. To maintain proper temperature and high humidity are optimal glass or Plexiglas terrariums.
  • Make sure the terrarium has at least two sides made of glass or Plexiglas. Some snake experts recommend Plexiglas because glass produces a glare.
  • Look for a terrarium that has a secure, wire mesh lid.
  • Light up the terrarium with an attached full-spectrum fluorescent lamp.
  • Choose a terrarium that has a large basking area and plenty of room for branches, rocks and a hiding box.
  • Climate control. Temperatures need to range between 80-85 during the day and 70-75 at night. Offer the snake a consistent place of heat – where it can go when it needs to raise its body temperature.
  • Select a terrarium that has an under-tank heater or an attached heat lamp.
  • Keep your snake’s environment safe with a terrarium that’s easy to clean. A detachable bottom makes it easier to clean the tank’s floor. Clean the enclosure at least every other week – more frequently if required. Especially clean the water container.
  • Supply water at all times. The snake will use it for drinking as well as for soaking. Make the container large enough to accommodate the snake.


  • Use non-printed newspaper or butcher paper to line the terrarium floor. Never use kitty litter, gravel, wood shavings or corncob bedding.
  • Always provide privacy for your snake.
  • Add tree limbs and other such objects. Consider using silk plants inside the terrarium. They’re easy to clean and help maintain humidity.
  • Snakes are well-known for finding ways to escape from their terrariums. Make sure you always secure the lid. To be extra-sure, always lay something like a heavy book or a brick on top of the lid.

Overall things you’ll need:

  • Full-spectrum Fluorescent Lamp
  • Terrarium Heater
  • Silk Plants
  • Terrarium Bedding
  • Terrarium Humidifier
  • Terrarium Lid Cover
  • Terrarium