Snake feeding tips

Most common feeding tips:

  • No snakes eat vegetation.
  • You will have to feed most commonly kept pet snakes mice or rats (some larger snakes may even be fed rabbits, and a select few can be fed other items such as fish or insects).
  • Your snake should be eating dead prey (to prevent injury to the snake).
  • Frozen and thawed food may be acceptable to your snake.
  • If it won’t eat dead prey, then feed it live prey that has been stunned.
  • Prey must come from a reliable source (to prevent disease).
  • Snakes usually are fed once a week, or once every other week.
  • The feeding event itself can be dangerous, especially if that’s the only time you interact with the snake (the snake may not distinguish what is food and what is you!).
  • Don’t overfeed!

It won’t eat!
There are several reasons why your snake doesn’t want to eat. She might be injured, ill or just doesn’t feel like in her natural environment. There’s a list of reasons:

  • The temperature might be to high or to low. Try with two thermometers to get it right. Some species are extremely sensitive.
  • Low humidity might cause dehydration and dehydrated snake will eat less or even stop eating.
  • The light might be unsuitable. Some animals will only eat in darkness due to their night hunting instinct.