Reticulated Python Vs Anaconda 51

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Interested who would win in a fight Python Vs Anaconda? The Reticulated Python and the Anaconda are the largest snakes in the world. Anaconda is more massive and heavy while the Reticulated Python is longer and faster. The thing that truly sets them apart is their behavior. But who would really win?

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51 thoughts on “Reticulated Python Vs Anaconda

  • lesliejones

    The two snakes are no doubt the largest snakes in the world. The Anaconda is a little heavier while the python is a little longer.The python has an advantage over the anaconda because it is faster. The Anaconda has a natural enemy apart from man, the jaquar. i have seen vidoes of a jaquar killing and eating very large anacondas but with the reticulated python, it is a different case with the tiger. The tiger i=s known for killing and eating other pythons but the reticulated python is too long for the tiger and some times the tiger ends up in the stomack of this snake. i belief the python will kill an anaconda if they ever meet. Its for sure

  • kelly

    While Both Are Huge,and the most passive of all the known snakes, I Think the python, would come out the winner, but then one never knows for sure.. it would be a good fight really

  • ??????????

    cause of the weight
    strength and stealth

    but it would be very close as the python
    has speed flexibility and also length

    i go for anaconda

  • bret

    i think the massive anaconda they are both tree snakes but the anconda can also blend in most invirorments.if caught by surprise the python would have no chance at all

  • RedClaw

    i think the winner will be the anaconda
    is much heavier and stronger but reticulated python is a little bit longer and faster but not so strong as anaconda!

  • Fadi

    As long as they live in two different regions, and as long as they have never faught one another before; we must compare their abilities and then, make a judgement. Anaconda is heavier, larger in diameter, and stronger. On the other hand, the Reticulated Python is longer, faster and more aggressive. here, the battle may sound to be in favor of the Anaconda, but we must keep in mind that the Python has had deadlier battles against stronger enemies than the Anaconda and survived. Anacondas are killed by jaguars, but Pythons enemies, however, are the Asian tigers, that are stronger than the jaguars, and to top it off, most of the time the tiger ends up in the snakes stomache.
    Strength doesn’t determine the winner as much as battle experience, just like when u put the world champion in heavy weight lifting in a wrestling battle with the Rock, after all, the Rock would win.

  • carlos

    Que tal amigos , ,solo quiero dejar un mensaje bien claro para informarlos bien , si bien es cierto que los jaguares han matado anacondas grandes,en la india los tigres machos adultos han matado pitones reticuladas de 9 o 10 metros y no se han registrado casos de que la pitp0n haya matado y engullido un tigre adulto , leopardos si pero tigres no , los tigres matan pitones de cualquier tamaño si se cruzan en el camino sobre todo si son tyigres machos ya que las hembras evitanm los confictos , la anaconda es mas rival para el tigre que la piton , en libros , especiales por tv y los mismos indigenas indios han informado que el tigre mata pitones reticulada<s de darse el caso.

  • miguel angel

    Bueno acabo de leer y es la piton reticulada la que acaba siendo asesinada por el tigre si es uno macho claro esta , nunca se han registrado casos de que una piton haya matado a un tigre macho adulto sino todo lo contrario , que los tigres machos han matadao pitones reticuladas gigantes , un caso registrado de varios se encuientra en el libro de stephen mills ” tiger ” en donde la mujer con el aviso de un indigena de la region la avisa de une ncuen tro de un tigre de bengala macho comiendo un zambar recien cazado y se acercaba una piton reticulada de unos 9 a 10 metros, ,un coloso , el tigre trata de alejar a la serpiente con gruñidos pero la serpiente sigue acefrcandose a la presa que4 es el zambar abatido , el tigre sale al encuentro y luego de forcejear con la serpiente consigue sujetarle el cuello y morderla mientras que con sus zxarpas controla parte del cuerpo de la serpiente , al moder al tigre aprite y agita el cuello de la serpiente gigante consiguiendoi separarlña del cuerpo y reclamando una victoria.Por lo que me he domumentado el tigre no come carne de serpientes , solo si se enffrentan y la mata va a la parte de los huevos y solo come eso , sino la deja botada , y por ello es que los tigres matan pitones reticuladas , por lo que siendo eñl tigre el depredarod supremo y absoluto la anaconda aganaria al piton porque es mas fuerte , y entre el tigre y la anaconda el tigre tamb9ien asesinaria a la swerpiente giga

  • geckodelta

    im lucky enough to own both of these snakes my
    retic is 2 years old and my anconda is 6 years old already my retic is over twice the anacondas size so in that case i will have to go with the retic even though i probably prefer the anaconda lol 🙂

  • Kyle

    the python would win cuz there way smarter than the anaconda and they also are very fast unlike the green anaconda which is slower on land cuz its weight the anaconda would only win if it got lucky and was able to bite the retic first but i would say the reticulted python could beat any snake in a fight

  • PM

    Anaconda would win becauce the teeth come backwards and Retic would be too tired. Both snakes would be ehausted. Eventually Anaconda wins.

  • iceman

    anacondas cannot kill tigers i think dead tiger will be eaten
    anacondas are killed by jaguars ‘ cats more stronger than snakes have you seen a cat killed a snake ? tigers r stronger or strongest ‘ tiger can kill crocs anacondas or pythons ‘ python will win coz just like st pierre said “speed beats strength technique beats size ” in mma big guys seen beaten by small guys ‘python will win

  • southamerican

    I think it is not possible to compare the two because even though pythons kill tigers, jaguars are much better hunters and kill prey that is much bigger than itself. Jaguars have the most powerful bites of all the cats, i think a jaguar will eat a python the same way he eats anocondas. Jaguars kill and eat giant anteaters and piccarias which are very deadly animals so i think a jaguar will kill and eat a python.

  • supermas

    la anaconda creo que ganria por mas peso pero es cuestion del habitad
    bueno yo quisiera ver cocodrilo y caiman vs leon y tigre
    anaconda y piton vs toro y bufalo
    anaconda vs pitbull
    piton vs tigre
    cocodrilo vs caiman

  • Robert

    Annaconda is fat python skinny annaconda not small but smaller python taller anaconda stelth python also stelth but attack attack anaconda strong pyhton weak thats like a fat short strong guy vs a tall skinny not strong guy and th winner The ANACONDA

  • adib

    who would win ?

    DUH!!! python. they are harder better faster stronger and way more aggressive. As the vid said u can catch a anaconda with bare hands but not a python.

  • nathanpinoy

    Either anaconda or the retic can win depending on who has the adavantage in terms of size and ability in hunting. But as the winner swallow the loser whole, the loser would be so damn big it would have choked the winner dead. And as the winner suffocates, his last thoughts would have been that it might have been better if he had just swallowed all of your dicks you dickheads! LOL

  • ben

    guys an anaconda is better and not lazy it also has a stronger biting force bobby and all of you who say pythons suck anacondas rule.Whoever says anacondas suck then you suck yourselve

  • serpent

    I by pure luck, I have two pet snakes (anaconda and python) measure the same and holdings of the same age (the piton is more old than the anaconda for four months) and once try to fight them and the first that attacked was piton but the anaconda curl it and was about to kill her and had to be separated.
    and so I take the concussion that would win the battle green anaconda


    If Anaconda is massive & stronger while a Python is faster and longer.Chances are Anaconda would win the battle,though a Python might have an advantage with its length and speed.

  • melody

    Ooh,man, heavy colation,So much weight wu giv no time to react fast.funny,i wu rather go against the anaconda than the reticulated python but I am 100% sure,I cu bet everythin that the “ANACONDA”will destroy,I mean demolish the reticulated python.Yes,have seen it.

  • shayne

    guys this is what would happen every one is right in there own way anacondas are way way stronger and heaver the python is longer, and more aggressive what would happen is they would both try to bite each other and squeeze each other. this is the point were the anaconda wins because it would crush the bones of a python and the jaws of a anaconda are way stronger and the teeth are curved so the python would not be able to get away. and i like the python way more but when it comes to the anaconda its the king of snakes. o and plus a 10 fott anaconda is as strong as a 20 foot python

  • Jude From Brazil

    Duh?! Anaconda will win for sure,because with its strength and weight can crush the pythons bones and Anacondas are way more better in constricting opponents, so I’d go for anaconda.

    It’s not about speed or aggressiveness! Python is long and fast, but anaconda can crush the python and eat it whole!!! I’ve saw a video on youtube about a anaconda eating a reticulated python. 🙂 proise not joking
    and Anacondas are known to be the KING OF SNAKES so te python is just a servant only ahahha ….Anacondas jaws are way stronger than the retic python!!!!!!!!!! and anacondas have solid rock head and body while pythons are soft(not really soft)

  • Jude From Brazil

    plus anaconda lives in the water and python lives in land so anaconda wins….because anacondas are like dogs while pythons are pussy cats (they hate water,but i think some of them swim but not as better as he anaconda!!!)


    The Retic is the more aggressive and will hunt what it wants down,But to hunt an Anaconda this is something brought out of the jungles of Asia.The Anaconda is much heavier and the weight factor really does not have bearing.Spring coiled steel like which is used in garage doors is how powerful the Python is.I have a picture taken in the jungles of China it is 55 feet long and if u don’t believe look it up yourself on BING.It was dug up in 2011 bye a heavy eqipment operator who injured another one that was with it and the second one supposedly got away but the picture is authentic.The machine operator died of a massive heart attack.Back to the issue.The Anaconda is a very serious contender but to state such a serious deadly scene would be a sight to see.The African Rock Python is another contender and is extremely aggresive but the Retic for it’s ability to swirl up a tree is a sight to see they are masters of tree’s and will go to great lengths for it’s prey and only if these two were eyeing the same prize then maybe the battle would be on.The bite force of the Anaconda is much much.Tough battle and likely may have happened a minimum amount of times.The brutality rate would be high and I would be extremely hi to suggest one is better than the other.Talk about the snake with the largest venom glands and spikes.Clearly the Gaboon Viper is the winner forbrute strength,large anmounts of venom per bite and camoflage,one sample from a Gaboon was taken bye Austin Stevens and he described the amount as the color and drink of orange juice which could kill over one thousand full grown men NO SHIT .N

  • Kate

    Pythons aren’t any faster than anacondas. I’ve worked with each of them for nearly nine years now. If anything, anacondas are slightly faster. If not in terms of overall speed, then in terms of reflexes. Another thing that bothers me is how people think that jaguars succeed in bringing down anacondas often. It happens, but rarely, and never with an adult anaconda. If people are actually curious about “Which would win, an anaconda or a python”, here’s my opinion: An anaconda would kill a python, but the python would probably initiate the fight, as they are overall more aggressive. However, pythons aren’t stupid, they probably wouldn’t try to fight an anaconda. So overall, I believe that an anaconda would kill a python, as they are thicker, stronger, and (in a way) slightly faster.

  • Sydney Russel

    There are a lot of people in this forum who either can’t type or don’t have a full grip on the English language. Anyway, An anaconda would win this fight. It would be a battle of 2 constrictors. Constriction (squeezing) requires strength. The anaconda and the python are pure muscle. But, the anaconda is more massive thus more muscle. Speed is really not a major factor when the battle is about grabbing and crushing your opponent. Anaconda wins!

  • Samuel ikenna

    I really share ur views bt d truth of d matter dt we all must understand is d fact dt these snakes r realy d biggest n strongest of all d snakes in d world n fate has it dt they will never meet as this wil spell alot of disaster if such is d case.well, d anaconda is knwn for its great strenght, power n size n gaze wht, strenght n size accunts for alot in a battle like dis. Moreso,anacondas also hv d reputation of eating other conscritors like its cousine d BOA.even d world’s largest venomous snake, d king cobra is nt a match for dis great beast as to be compared wt hw d python ends up being eaten by d king cobra. Then, as for d tiger against d python, its a fallacy of statement when u hear people say dt d tiger ends up in d belly of d anaconda in a fight

  • Sarmistha

    The second tank does not need to be fnreishud or heated. In fact, I use a sterilite or rubbermaid container with a locking lid to feed mine in. It’s a lot easier to stick in a closet when not in use. As far as how long to leave the snake in there goes, assuming you are feeding frozen/thawed, a few hours is ok before you run the risk of the rat starting to rot. I wouldn’t leave a live rat in there unsupervised because you run a risk of the snake being bitten. If the snake hasn’t struck at a live rat within 5 minutes, chances are it’s spooked and will not eat that day.