In one of our earlier posts we have wrote about the biggest snake that ever lived on Earth – Titanoboa. This week we are asking ourselves what would happen if Titanoboa met Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex

Steve Irwin deadliest snakes 2
Last part of the Steve Irwin‘s quest for 10 most deadliest snakes in the world. This is just incredible. He is just inches away from the most deadliest snake in the world – fears snake. He had such a respect for these incredible animals… We miss you Steve Irvin.

Steve Irwin – Most Deadliest Snakes (part 5)

Steve Irwin deadliest snakes
Steve Irwin is on a quest for 10 most deadliest snakes in the world. You won’t believe what he does with these really dangerous animals. The whole world lost a good friend of animals. We miss you Steve Irwin 

Steve Irwin – Most Deadliest Snakes (part 2)

steve irwin deadliest snakes 2
Young Steve Irwin is going for a trip of a lifetime. He is on a search for 10 most deadliest snakes in the world all of which are find in Australia. The whole world is still grieving after his death.  We miss you Steve Irwin 🙁

Steve Irwin – Most Deadliest Snakes

Snakes can eat prays a couple of times in their size. Here are images of a python eating one Kangaroo.

Python Vs. Kangaroo

This guy is crazy! Coming across this middle size anaconda he starts to wrestle it.

Anaconda vs. Human

Capybara is one of the biggest world’s roddent. Check what happens when it meets up with anaconda.

Anaconda Vs. Capybara

Here’s a cool video brake down of an Anaconda attack. The victim: Jaguar.

Anaconda vs. Jaguar

In the past I posted a video of a mangoose attacking cobra, but this one shows even better what a mean killing machine Mongoose can be for a Cobra.

Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Burmese Python’s bite was fatale for this poor Guinea Pig. It never knew what had it coming. At least it was soon over.

Burmese Python Vs. Guinea Pig

Leopard King Cobra
This is a video of two cute Leopard cubs playing with King Cobra. Dangerous toy for the youngsters 🙂

Leopard Vs. King Cobra