This little guy is really bad mother f**cker. Catching and eating a snake is a peace of cake for him. Even if bitten Honey Badger sleeps it off and continues eating the snake with just a bit of a hangover.

Honey Badger Vs. Viper

Here is a similar video as previous one except it shows a fight between a tiger and a python. The video is an older production but it’s still very interesting.

Tiger Vs. Python

If you ever wondered who would win in a fight between a jaguar and anaconda watch this video.

Jaguar Vs. Anaconda

In one of the earliest posts one of our users commented that the python supposedly exploded when tried to swallow a live 6 foot alligator. Here is the video explaining what has happened.

Python exploded swallowing alligator

rattlesnake 2
Rattlesnakes are one of most venomous snakes in the world though they vary significantly in size, territory, markings, and temperament. If the rattlesnake is not cornered or imminently threatened, it will usually attempt to flee from encounters with humans, but will not always do so. Here is a re-make video of such occasion. Even if you are a trained person it is always better to leave this animal at peace in the wild especially if the nearest help is miles away.

Bite of the rattlesnake

Mental note: Don’t go to nasty places like caves with bats and snakes. I never really get that. Why the hell do people visit such places, get harmed and then jell like pigs. And there’s always a camera running in these nasty places. I guess it’s a job and they […]

National Geographic – Giant Python Attacks Brady Barr

Cats and dogs sometimes play with dangerous snakes not knowing they are in big danger. In this video it’s harmless rat snake against a harmless home cat.

Watch your pet!

python eats antelope
This is a video of a python attacking an antelope. It suffocates it and then eats it whole. I'm always fascinated with what this snake can do with its jaws even on a pray with horns.

Python eats antelope

python vs anaconda 51
Interested who would win in a fight Python Vs Anaconda? The Reticulated Python and the Anaconda are the largest snakes in the world. Anaconda is more massive and heavy while the Reticulated Python is longer and faster. The thing that truly sets them apart is their behavior. But who would […]

Reticulated Python Vs Anaconda

Anaconda strong jaws 1
This is also one cool video of an anaconda bite. It shows how strong and nimble anaconda is. It takes several policeman to free the man from this anaconda strong jaws. Here are some more interesting facts about anacondas and now that you know all the facts I am sure you will […]

Anaconda strong jaws crush man’s hand

5 most venomous snakes 1
Here you can see puff adder in action. Curios mouse didn't have a chance against its powerful venom. Poor mouse in the other cage had to watch his friend die in pain.

5 most venomous snakes in Australia

Steve Irwin snake bite 2
Check this old Steve Irwin‘s TV appearance where a snake bites him in his neck. He did a segment about snakes on the local TV station’s show for kids. As he explains that the snake won’t bite him the little bugger bits him in the neck. It’s quite funny as Steve […]

Steve Irwin snake bite

9 min long battle between viper and little white mouse. Mouse didn’t have a chance, but was fiercely fighting for her life. It did some kicking and scratching while viper was biting into her head…

Viper vs. Mouse

This frame by frame snake attack analysis by National Geographic shows just how strong the anaconda can squeeze. At 90 pounds per square inch!!! Just imagine 9000 pounds school bus sitting on your chest!

Anaconda crushing a duck

I just saw a documentary on National Geographic TV about the “Big four” snakes of India. So I went down to the good old YouTube and found all four of them in motion. The four most dangerous snakes in India are Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw-scaled viper and the most […]

The big four snakes of India

king cobra 1
King cobras are just amazing. They grow up to five meters in length and one cobra bite contains enough venom to kill 20 adults. That makes her the biggest and the most dangerous snake in the world.

King Cobra is a giant snake!

A snake like Python Reticulatus or Green Anaconda is big enough to attack, constrict and swallow a big animal like pig (see the video), antelope, cow … They are also known as man eaters. It happens many times that an owner of a big constrictor gets a big hug. Many […]

Fight constriction with alcohol!

Austin Stevens snake bite 13
Austin Stevens snake bite by this really big Cobra was no joke. I really thought Steve Irwin was the greatest snake charmer ever until I saw this Austin Stevens snake bite video. Austin Stevens really goes beyond Steve. Cobra is really a venomous snake which accidentally bites him but he just rushes away to receive an […]

Austin Stevens snake bite by Cobra

In this video you can see a yellow anaconda attacking a little mouse. At first it sits quietly hiding its' head but the next moment it snaps and you can see the speed and accuracy of a snake attack.

Anaconda’s speed attack

Gaboon viper 3
West African Gaboon viper surprises this little brown mouse which was unknowingly sniffing the leaves on the ground. The mouse basically didn’t expect a thing when suddenly from nowhere the snake strikes. It had been waiting for its’ pray down bellow the leafs. Gaboon viper is a viper species from the rain-forests and […]

Gaboon viper attacks a little mouse

The largest-known snake in the world is the Anaconda, or Eunectes murinus, of South America. As we know snakes swallow their victims whole. It is a common misperception that snake’s jaw can be unhinged from the skull to allow something much larger than the snake’s girth to be swallowed. The […]

Anakonda regurgitates a hippo

Boa constrictor can swallow just about any pray. Eating a human or even a hippo is not a problem. It’s a miracle what a snake can do with its’ jaws! Wow!

The boa and a pig

It’s a shame that this snake has a very small cage but her dinner is a reasonably big rat. Royal Pythons (Python regius) originate from western Africa. When they feel fear, they usually transform their body into a ball. This popular species can reach 120 centimeters (48 inches) in length.

A Ball Python attack

At Thesnakebite.tv we will confront you with a very common fear. Stay tunned! This first video in our collection shows a rattlesnake biting a shoe. This bite was recorded by a very special camera at 1000 frames per second. You can actually see the venom spraying the shoe.

Take a walk with a rattlesnake