Gaboon viper attacks a little mouse 3

West African Gaboon viper surprises this little brown mouse which was unknowingly sniffing the leaves on the ground. The mouse basically didn’t expect a thing when suddenly from nowhere the snake strikes. It had been waiting for its’ pray down bellow the leafs.

Gaboon viper is a viper species from the rain-forests and savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. It is the largest and very venomous member of the genus Bitis. Not only it produces the highest venom yield of any snake but it also has the longest fangs – up to 2 inches in length (5 cm) whose bite is not only very venomous but also very painful. Here are some more facts about this incredible snake.

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3 thoughts on “Gaboon viper attacks a little mouse

  • Cobrass

    The vipers attack totally differently as the constrictors or venomous snakes. The Gaboon viper has a thick-body and broad-head that mimics a fallen leaf. This camouflage makes it difficult to notice. They stay well hidden on the forest floor and when they attack they like to surprise their prey.

  • spencer

    I have one beatifull gaboon just like this at home. The other night I was a little uncareful and he has almost bitten me. I was trying to clean its cage, but didn’t have a good look on where it was.. man.. it was sooo close.. ugh.. I guess he’s getting old 😉

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