Fight constriction with alcohol!

A snake like Python Reticulatus or Green Anaconda is big enough to attack, constrict and swallow a big animal like pig (see the video), antelope, cow … They are also known as man eaters. It happens many times that an owner of a big constrictor gets a big hug. Many survive this event because they know what they need to do in the very moment they get constricted:

  • Pour strong alcohol (vodka, whiskey etc.) directly in the snakes’ mouth.
  • Pour hot water over the animals’ skin.

The snake will release in a second and that’s when you’ll get your chance to breath again.

A snake is not a domestic animal! It’s a dangerous wild beast with very basic instincts. If you happen to smell like a pray you might easily become one. So remember! Whenever you are handling a dangerous constrictor make sure to have three things near you: Hot water, alcohol and a strong friend.

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