Austin Stevens snake bite by Cobra 13

Austin Stevens snake bite by this really big Cobra was no joke. I really thought Steve Irwin was the greatest snake charmer ever until I saw this Austin Stevens snake bite video. Austin Stevens really goes beyond Steve. Cobra is really a venomous snake which accidentally bites him but he just rushes away to receive an antivenom and then comes back the same day to shoot some close-up photos. Amazing! By the way: I’ve just found some great snake bite first-aid tips. Please read them before any dangerous snake encounters!

Austin Stevens (born on 19 May 1950) is a South African herpetologist, wildlife photographer, film maker and author best known for hosting a series of snake documentaries, best known of which is Austin Stevens: Most Dangerous. Here are some more Austin Steven’s facts.

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13 thoughts on “Austin Stevens snake bite by Cobra

  • CobraSS

    What a psycho!!! If you encounter a snake in the wild you better just let it be. This guy was obviously looking for trouble and he got it. Good thing also he got bitten in his right arm since it’s farther from the heart then the left. Lucky man, lucky man…

  • Snakeman678

    Mr.Stevens is the worlds best herpetologist out there and he knows all the risks in what he is doing. He has such a passion for snakes that he doesnt care if he gets bitten, he just wants to do what he loves best. By the way only one of the snakes fangs cut the vein so he could squeeze out the venom nicely, because the fang cut his finger and not injected. On a re-cap show “most Striking Moments” He talks about how it didn’t strike like a normal cobra and that it actually moved forwards to his hand and struck, instead of the usual cobra way of striking with said length of body downwards.

  • Vishal Sathyan

    He is dead now of this snakebite. He died on 9th August 2010, the same day as my grandfather died. His death teaches us a lesson : Never do mad things.

  • marshall

    i realy enjoy wathing your adventures he’s one of my great addmires. i wish i good learn a thing or two because when he encounters a very dangerous animal and what he does with them is amazing. since i whatch his videos my love for snakes grow. when i lived in southern california i would go rattle snake hunting with a friend, and love doing it i would alway bring a cell phone and my atv just incase something happened. i really wished that i could meet him in person. i now live in northern michigan and there’s only one venomous snake here its called the eastern massasauga very very hard to find. if any finds one its a rare treat these are one of the most beautiful of all the rattle snake spieces.