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Here is the list of different species of anaconda by size: 1. Dark spotted anaconda(13.12 feet). 2. Eunectes Stirtoni (9.87 feet). 3. Bolivian anaconda(13.12 feet) 4. Yellow anaconda (15.10 feet). 5. Green anaconda(28.15 feet). Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world. It can easily eat a small cow and even […]

Different species of anaconda

snake handling
Snake handling is getting more an more attention as snakes are getting more and more popular. The most common snakes in pet stores are Burmese pythons (sub specie of Python molurus) or Reticulated pythons. They are easy to feed and therefore often highly recommended to snake beginners but people are often unaware how large […]

Handling Large Snakes