The Snake Bite

The big four snakes of India

I just saw a documentary on National Geographic TV about the “Big four” snakes of India. So I went down to the good old YouTube and found all four of them in motion. The four most dangerous snakes in India are Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, Saw-scaled viper and the most dangerous of them - the common krait. Enjoy! (more…)

King Cobra is a giant snake!

King cobras are just amazing. They grow up to five meters in length and one cobra bite contains enough venom to kill 20 adults. That makes her the biggest and the most dangerous snake in the world. Click (more …) to enjoy two more videos. (more…)

Cobra bites Austin Stevens

I really thought Steve Irwin was the greatest snake maniac ever. Until I saw this cobra attack video. Austin Stevens really goes beyond Steve. He gets bitten by a venomous cobra, rushes away to receive an anti-venom and then comes back the same day just to shoot some close-up photos. Amazing! By the way: I’ve just found some great snake bite first-aid tips. Please read them before any dangerous snake encounters!

Surprise from bellow

YouTube Preview Image

This clip is showing a West African Gaboon viper surprise attack. The little brown mouse, unknowingly sniffing the leaves didn’t expect a thing. Suddenly from nowhere the snake strikes. The viper’s been waiting his pray down bellow the leafs.

Take a walk with a rattlesnake

At we will confront you with a very common fear. Stay tunned! This first video in our collection shows a rattlesnake biting a shoe. This bite was recorded by a very special camera at 1000 frames per second. You can actually see the venom spraying the shoe.