The Snake Bite

Leopard Vs. King Cobra

This is a video of two cute Leopard cubs playing with King Cobra.

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Dangerous toy for the youngsters :)

Gopher Snake pissed off

Gopher snakes are generally good natured but I just came across this really fine specimen which looks really pissed off.

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Gopher snakes can produce a loud hiss when agitated or fearful. When threatened they can also vigorously shake its tail which may produce a rattling sound if done in dry vegetation.

Garter snakes are venomous

This is a video of a nice bite of a Garter snake which were long thought to be nonvenomous. Recent discoveries have revealed that they do in fact produce a mild neurotoxic venom. You can notice a nice red tongue which is really specific for this species.

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Garter snakes are nevertheless harmless to humans due to the very low amounts of venom they produce.

That’s a big snake

Check this video of a very large Anaconda. Prepare yourself for a surprise at the end.
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Gecko attack. Very Funny.

I must share this with you. I came across this video where a TV host is presented with a small rat snake. At that moment a leaf tailed gecko jumped on the TV host who almost fainted. Very funny.
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Different snake bites by Reticulated Pythons

I hope you will enjoy this video compilation of snake bites by different Reticulated Pythons.
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Dirty job’s Mike Rowe gets bitten by the snakes

This is really funny stuff. Dirty job’s Mike Rowe gets bitten by the snakes and he makes it look sooo funny.
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Cobra and a baby

WTF is going on here? Cobra is bitting a little baby and he is just ignoring it. A perfect gift for your new born son.
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Giant King Cobra

This is a really huge King Cobra. I wouldn’t agree that it’s the most dangerous snake but as sure as hell is the scariest one. This one is 20 years old and over 14 ft long.
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Cobra Vs. Mongoose

Maybe you didn’t know but Cobras are really slow snakes and because of that they too can be a pray. So quick animals as we’ve seen can be a worthy opponent. I came across this funny video where you can see the difference in speed between Mongoose and Cobra.
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Snake bites face

Wouuu. As we have seen it can happen to the biggest professionals. Dr. Brady Barr gets bitten in his face when coming to close to the boa constrictor.
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This of course was not the first time Dr. Brady Barr got bitten.

Cobra Vs. Python

Auuuch. This is a really incredible video of a cobra attacking a python. Python tries to use its’ squeeze on cobra but has no chance. 10 minutes after the cobra bit its’ lower jaw it is dead.
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Anaconda vs. Crocodile

One of the earliest posts showed how the python killed and swallowed a 6 foot alligator. Here is the video where crocodile kills one of the other big constrictors anaconda. Yaiks!

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Love fight between pythons

So you won’t complain we always show a violent videos of snakes fighting. Here is a really interesting love scene between an albino in a regular python.

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Man bites a snake

Sometimes can be the other way around. This is really crazy video of a man biting a snake.
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Squirting Cobra Vs. Lion

Squirting Cobra can spatter the venom as far as 3 m. The lion is no match for its’ deadly venom witch can leave the victim blinded for life.

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King Cobra Vs. Rat snake

Some can’t differentiate King Cobra and Rat snake but there is a lot of difference. For one, one is a lot bigger and can easily eat the other.

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Honey Badger

This little guy is really bad mother f**cker. Catching and eating a snake is a peace of cake for him. Even if bitten Honey Badger sleeps it off and continues eating the snake with just a bit of a hangover.

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Bite of the rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes are one of most venomous snakes in the world though they vary significantly in size, territory, markings, and temperament. If the rattlesnake is not cornered or imminently threatened, it will usually attempt to flee from encounters with humans, but will not always do so. Here is a re-make video of such occasion. Even if you are a trained person it is always better to leave this animal at peace in the wild especially if the nearest help is miles away.
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Rattlesnake’s venom is destroying tissue, degenerating organs and causing blood clotting which will lead to the loss of a limb and even though rarely, death. Antivenom, when applied in time, reduces the death rate to less than 4%. Around 8000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the United States each year. On average, fewer than 15 snakebite deaths are reported.

National Geographic - A nasty place for a nasty bite

Mental note: Don’t go to nasty places like caves with bats and snakes. :D I never really get that. Why the hell do people visit such places, get harmed and then jell like pigs. And there’s always a camera running in these nasty places. I guess it’s a job and they get well paid for their stupidity.