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Some exotic pets are pretty good escape artists, and are also good at avoiding capture. Here is a game plan to help you find a lost pet in your house. Here’s how: Start your search near the cage and go from there. Check behind furniture along the baseboards. Check under […]

Tracking snakes in your house

snake handling
Snake handling is getting more an more attention as snakes are getting more and more popular. The most common snakes in pet stores are Burmese pythons (sub specie of Python molurus) or Reticulated pythons. They are easy to feed and therefore often highly recommended to snake beginners but people are often unaware how large […]

Handling Large Snakes

Snakes are fascinating animals and with regular handling can be quite tame but snakes are obviously not for everyone. They have unique care and handling requirements and should only be kept by those with the commitment to understand and meet their needs. The most common pet snakes are in the […]

Snake buying guide

Most common feeding tips: No snakes eat vegetation. You will have to feed most commonly kept pet snakes mice or rats (some larger snakes may even be fed rabbits, and a select few can be fed other items such as fish or insects). Your snake should be eating dead prey […]

Snake feeding tips

How use snake hook
How to use snake hook and other snake handling  equipment? First familiarize yourself with how to use snake hook or snake tong. Practice with toy snakes or harmless snakes until you can use these tools with good control. When picking up a snake with a hook or a tong, aim roughly for the middle […]

Snake hooks and other snake handling equipment