Mantis vs. Scorpion
Mantis has officially become one of my favorite predators. You would think this is one little and fragile creature but instead it is just one incredible hunter. This time you can check how it will take care of a big scorpion and the end result wont be as you would […]

Mantis Vs. Scorpion

Mantis Vs. Snake
Today I saw this interesting video of this little creature and just had to share it with you. It is a video of a Mantis that is praying on a Corn snake that has no idea what is going to happen to it. You would think that Mantis has no […]

Mantis Vs. Snake video

Here is the list of different species of anaconda by size: 1. Dark spotted anaconda(13.12 feet). 2. Eunectes Stirtoni (9.87 feet). 3. Bolivian anaconda(13.12 feet) 4. Yellow anaconda (15.10 feet). 5. Green anaconda(28.15 feet). Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world. It can easily eat a small cow and even […]

Different species of anaconda

survive a snake bite
How can you find out if you can survive a snake bite? Well I come across this old video of Australian reptile expert Raymond Hoser showing different snakes to school kids and at the end gets bitten by two of the most venomous snakes in the world – Coastal and […]

Survive a snake bite by venomous snakes?

snake playing dead
Have you heard about a snake playing dead when attacked? As you will see there are quite good actors  also in the animal world. This snake (hognose snake) has a perfect gig to cunningly discourage its’ predators. First it starts to hiss, flattens itself and pretends to be aggressive. If […]

Snake playing dead … and the Oscar goes too …

snake bite consequences
Here is a video with great explanations of different snake bite consequences (viewers discretion advised): Snakes are presented in order of how horrible snake bite consequences are: 7. Russel’s viper 6. Black mamba 5. Black tiger snake 4. Eastern black snake 3. Dubois sea snake 2. Forest cobra 1. Inland […]

Worst snake bite consequences!

snake bite immunity
Snake bite immunity – is it possible? This man lets deadliest snakes in the world bite him for consecutive 16 years to develop a snake bite immunity. He hopes to find a cure or antivenom for the most venomous snakes. Crazy or smart? Would you do it?

Snake bite immunity – possible or not?

Leopard attacking python
This is just an amazing video of leopard attacking python. It really shows leopard’s agility in comparison to python. Leopard quickly bites python’s head and so diminishes its’ ability to squeeze him to death. Let me know in the comments if you feel this is a fair fight or not!

Leopard attacking Python. Who will win?

sea snake
This incredible video was taken on the Great Barrier Reef. It shows how sea snake barely escapes from a shark. Let me know in the comments if you think shark would survive sea snake‘s bite. Have in mind sea snake’s venom is deadliest of all the snakes.

Sea snake Vs. Shark

Biggest Anaconda
What is the biggest anaconda? Here are 7 biggest anacondas in the world ever found. Let me know in the comments if you think any of these are fake! Not knowing enough about this giant snake?

Biggest Anaconda

Bear Grylls gets bitten from a green python in the jungle but at the end gets the short end of the stick.

Snake bites Bear Grylls

Boa Constrictor
In one of our oldest posts we saw how a really big boa constrictor attacks and eats whole grown pig but the video was in black and white and the quality was really bad. With this new video you can actually analyze what this large snake is doing when eating a large […]

Boa Constrictor Eating a Pig

Secret Life of Pets
There are big vipers also in cartoons. The Secret Life of Pets is a nice fun for the whole family. I recommend it highly. Have you already watched The secret life of pets 2?

The Secret Life of Pets: Viper Death

Last time we saw how python is no match for a big alligator. This time the roles are reversed. What do you think will happen?

Alligator Vs. Python

In one of our earlier posts we have wrote about the biggest snake that ever lived on Earth – Titanoboa. This week we are asking ourselves what would happen if Titanoboa met Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex

Steve Irwin deadliest snakes 2
Last part of the Steve Irwin‘s quest for 10 most deadliest snakes in the world. This is just incredible. He is just inches away from the most deadliest snake in the world – fears snake. He had such a respect for these incredible animals… We miss you Steve Irvin.

Steve Irwin – Most Deadliest Snakes (part 5)

Steve Irwin deadliest snakes
Steve Irwin is on a quest for 10 most deadliest snakes in the world. You won’t believe what he does with these really dangerous animals. The whole world lost a good friend of animals. We miss you Steve Irwin 

Steve Irwin – Most Deadliest Snakes (part 2)

steve irwin deadliest snakes 2
Young Steve Irwin is going for a trip of a lifetime. He is on a search for 10 most deadliest snakes in the world all of which are find in Australia. The whole world is still grieving after his death.  We miss you Steve Irwin 🙁

Steve Irwin – Most Deadliest Snakes

Snakes can eat prays a couple of times in their size. Here are images of a python eating one Kangaroo.

Python Vs. Kangaroo

This guy is crazy! Coming across this middle size anaconda he starts to wrestle it.

Anaconda vs. Human

Capybara is one of the biggest world’s roddent. Check what happens when it meets up with anaconda.

Anaconda Vs. Capybara

Here’s a cool video brake down of an Anaconda attack. The victim: Jaguar.

Anaconda vs. Jaguar

In the past I posted a video of a mangoose attacking cobra, but this one shows even better what a mean killing machine Mongoose can be for a Cobra.

Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Burmese Python’s bite was fatale for this poor Guinea Pig. It never knew what had it coming. At least it was soon over.

Burmese Python Vs. Guinea Pig

Leopard King Cobra
This is a video of two cute Leopard cubs playing with King Cobra. Dangerous toy for the youngsters 🙂

Leopard Vs. King Cobra

Gopher snakes are generally good natured but I just came across this really fine specimen which looks really pissed off. Gopher snakes can produce a loud hiss when agitated or fearful. When threatened they can also vigorously shake its tail which may produce a rattling sound if done in dry vegetation.

Gopher Snake pissed off

This is a video of a nice bite of a Garter snake which were long thought to be nonvenomous. Recent discoveries have revealed that they do in fact produce a mild neurotoxic venom. You can notice a nice red tongue which is really specific for this species. Garter snakes are […]

Garter snakes are venomous

Check this video of a very large Anaconda. Prepare yourself for a surprise at the end.

That’s a big snake

I must share this with you. I came across this video where a TV host is presented with a small rat snake. At that moment a leaf tailed gecko jumps on the TV host who almost fainted. Very funny.

Gecko attack. Very Funny.

WTF is going on here? Cobra is bitting a little baby and he is just ignoring it. A perfect gift for your new born son.

Cobra and a baby

giant king cobra
This is a really huge King Cobra. I wouldn’t agree that it’s the most dangerous snake but as sure as hell is the scariest one.

Giant King Cobra

Maybe you didn’t know but Cobras are really a slow snakes and because of that they too can be a pray. So quick animals as we’ve seen can be a worthy opponent. I came across this funny video where you can see the difference in speed between Mongoose and Cobra.

Cobra Vs. Mongoose

Wouuu. As we have seen it can happen to the biggest professionals. Dr. Brady Barr gets bitten in his face when coming to close to the boa constrictor.

Snake bites face

Auuuch. This is a really incredible video of a cobra attacking a python. Python tries to use its’ squeeze on cobra but has no chance. 10 minutes after the cobra bit its’ lower jaw it is dead.

Cobra Vs. Python

anaconda vs crocodile
One of the earliest posts showed how the python killed and swallowed a 6 foot alligator. Here is the video where alligator kills one of the other big constrictors anaconda. Yaiks!

Anaconda vs. Crocodile

So you won't complain we always show a violent videos of snakes fighting. Here is a really interesting love scene between an albino in a regular python.

Love fight between pythons

Sometimes can be the other way around. This is really crazy video of a man biting a snake.

Man bites a snake

Squirting Cobra can spatter the venom even to 3 m in length. The lion is no match for its deadly venom witch can leave the lion blinded.

Spitting Cobra Vs. Lion

Some can’t differentiate King Cobra and Rat snake but there is a lot of difference. For one, one is a lot bigger and can easily eat the other.

King Cobra Vs. Rat snake