worst snake bite consequences
Here is a video with great explanations of different snake bite consequences (viewers discretion advised): Snakes are presented in order of how horrible snake bite consequences are: 7. Russel’s viper 6. Black mamba 5. Black tiger snake 4. Eastern black snake 3. Dubois sea snake 2. Forest cobra 1. Inland […]

Worst snake bite consequences – viewers discretion advised

snake bite immunity
Snake bite immunity? This man lets deadliest snakes in the world bite him for consecutive 16 years to develop a snake bite immunity. He hopes to find a cure or antivenom for the most venomous snakes. Crazy or smart? Would you do it?

Snake bite immunity – is it possible?

This incredible video was taken on the Great Barrier Reef. It shows how sea snake barely escapes from a shark.

Sea snake Vs. Shark

What is the biggest Anaconda? Here are 20 biggest anacondas in the world ever found.

Top 20 Giant Anaconda

Bear Grylls gets bitten from a green python in the jungle but at the end gets the short end of the stick.

Snake bites Bear Grylls

In one of our oldest posts we saw how a really big boa constrictor attacks and eats whole grown pig but the video was in black and white and the quality was really bad. With this new video you can actually analyze what this snake is doing when eating a large […]

Boa Constrictor Eating a Pig

Last time we saw how python is no match for a big alligator. This time the roles are reversed. What do you think will happen?

Alligator Vs. Python

In one of our earlier posts we have wrote about the biggest snake that ever lived on Earth – Titanoboa. This week we are asking ourselves what would happen if Titanoboa met Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex